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New: FlexGate® III


µC/51 V1.20.05
Superoptimizing ANSI C compiler for the 8051 family

  • Superior code quality
  • Full ANSI compatible
  • Very low price
  • FREE 8kB limited demo
  • TCP/IP Stack with 100% Sourcecode included
  • New IDE and Make Wizard
  • OMF51 Source Level Debugging on SiLabs CPUs

Visit our new embedded webserver FlexGate III:

  • Easy-to-use stack, written with uC/51 V1.20
  • Everything “on board”
  • Best suited for uC/51 as development-hardware
  • uC/51-Tool-Chain Integration
  • CPU: 64kB Flash, 2 kB XRAM (32 kB as option), ISP, up to 5 MIPS
  • RS232 or USB (as option)
  • New V2.0 TCP/IP Stack included in uC/51 as 100% Sourcecode
  • Complete Low-Cost-Kits only 120.-- EUR*:
    FlexGate III module, RS232 cable, uC/51 Full Version, Power supply**
         (*) if sold within EC, 19% German VAT must
             be added (= total 142.80 EUR)
       (**) ‘Schuko’-Type Wall plug Power Supply
             only added for Shipments to Germany.
  •

Read the documentation (Adobe pdf, abt. 700 kB)
Product flyer (English) (Adobe pdf, abt. 130 kB)
Produkt Flyer (Deutsch) (Adobe pdf, abt. 130 kB)
Download the demo (uc51inst.exe, abt. 7 MB, documentation included)

Books using uC/51:

April 2005: C-Programmierung für 8051-er (available currently only in German)

This is a series of 3 books, giving a clear overview about 8051 programming (with uC/51) and peripherals. The authors are members of Fachhochschule Bochum.
ISBN 3-89576-xxx                      

June 2005: Embedded Robotics, das Praxisbuch
(available currently only in German)

This book is a MUST for all, who are working with small autonomous robots. Written by members of the University of Karlsruhe the book is full of practical solutions, including full source codes for the uC/51 ANSI C Compiler
ISBN 3-89576-155-9  
more (including sample chapters)...

Some products using uC/51:

New: Illuminations with Ultra-High-Power LEDs:
XeroFlex. All software done with uC/51.
Read more about XeroFlex...

GeoPrecision is manufacturing extremely precise, small and rugged data loggers for scientific and industrial usage. The loggers incorporate a infrared interface and are hermetically sealed. Model i-Log has direct Internet access via GPRS. All software was done with uC/51. Read more...

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Last modified: 20. Feb. 2007