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FlexGate III + uC/51: *** SPECIAL OFFER ***

FlexGate III is a complete Development Platform for 8051 Applications as well as a module small volume productions.
Add Internet-Connectivity to your Applications with only a very few lines of C-Code. Many demos are included in uC/51, like: Webserver, E-Mail, Time-Client, TCP, UDP, ...

Did you ever think about remote Internet access to your sensors or actors? Then THIS is the solution you have been waiting for!

  • Complete Low Cost Bundles available for 120.-- EUR*
                           (*) if sold within EC, 19% German VAT
                               must be added (= total 142.80 EUR)
                       (**) ‘Schuko’-Type Wall plug Power Supply
                               only added for Shipments to Germany.
  • Updates for all comming V1.xx uC/51 Versions free
  • Complete documentation, all source codes included
  • State-of-the-Art Technology: 100/10 MBit Ethernet, Accelerated CPU (AT89C51ED2, up to 5 MIPS) with 64kB Flash, 2kB XRAM, 2 kB E2Prom, 2.7-5.5 Volt
  • Royalty free Design and Software
  • Optionally: 32kB XRAM Extension Board

Now with Webcam:

Our latest module FlexGate III is now available!
The FlexGate III is the optimal platform for developing ‘Smart Internet’ solutions. Our uC/51 C Compiler will even soon include support for dynamic DNS services!

Visit the FlexGate III Online Webserver now...

Using a LCD, connected either directly to an 8051 port or over I2C-Bus is very simple, schematics and driver software (full sourcecode) is included in uC/51

This is our FlexGate I, which has now been replaced by the FlexGate III

Visit the FlexGate III Online Webserver now...

Build a true Webserver with only 2 chips. We did it! The used CPU (MSC1210Y4 from Texas Instruments) has 16kB Flash (up to 32kB available) and 1.2 kB RAM. Enough for a Webserver (provided you are using uC/51’s included TCP/IP stack).

This board is based on the MSC1210-Board (“ELEKTOR-METER”), for more infos and datasheets examine the directory ‘...\src\msc1210\’, of the uC/51 installation.

New: Texas Instruments has published this project as Application Note SBAA114!

Elektor has published (7/8 issue 2004) and is offering an Ethernet-Extension Board. Check it today: Ready-to-run kits are available from Elektor.

Because the TCP/IP Stack is highly scalable, it took only a few minutes to port it from the original FlexGate to the ElmFlex or FlexGate II (as we have named it). The complete shematics and sourcecodes for this project are be included in uC/51.

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Last modified: 20. Feb. 2007